Monday, April 27, 2009

Back from RT!

Hi Everybody!
Well, last week was absolutely fabulous! The Romantic Times Convention in Orlando was pure fun! Booksellers and readers were everywhere and everyone had a wonderful time.

The Cover Model Contest sponsored by Dorchester was great this year. The contestant named Charles won. In the skit during the competition he played the role of my upcoming hero 'Lane Madison' from my July book Runaway.

The Advanced Aspiring Writers' Track that I run for the conference was well-attended, and the aspiring writers who came were a talented group of writers.

Hope to hear more feedback about the conference, and to anyone around Lake of the Ozarks, I'm going to be signing there this Wed. April 29th at the new WalMart on Hwy. 54 from 5-7. Come on by and say 'hi'!



  1. Hey Bobbi! Welcome to the blogosphere! You go girl!

    I have some pics from RT to send you and hope to get to it tomorrow. Today was all about laundry and trying to catch up on some business type things. Oh, yeah and writing some more on my current WIP!

    RT was great and rooming with you made it even more fun!

    Have a great signing on Wednesday.

  2. Bobbi, It was great to see you at RT. Welcome to the blog universe!!

  3. Hi Emily! Hi Gerri! I am lost in space with this, but thanks to Emily, I'm slowly finding my way. :)

    The signing at WalMart was fantastic! I sold over 50 books! The folks down in Osage Beach were very supportive.

    Now it's back to the history books to get my next plot ready. I've got to figure out the right girl for Grant. :)